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pic Mount of the Beatitudes this is the site of jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and where he chose the twelve apostles from among his followers. there is an impressive ltalian hurch here and one of the loveliest views in … more

pic Capernaum or Kfar Nachum Site of a magnificent limestone synagogue, st. peter’s house and a Byzantine Octagonal church, Capernaum was jesus’ adopted home in the Galilee and several of his miracles were performed here.

pic Tabgha this is the traditional site of the Miracle of the Loaves and fishes, where jesus fed a multitude of five thousand with only five loaves and two fishes. the miracle is depicted in a beautifully executed mosaic, now … more

THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND TODAY Theology The Church of Scotland in its theology is both catholic and evangelical. On the one hand it affirms the ancient creeds of the Church Universal, especially the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds. And on the … more