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Diary Café/Restaurant Sherry Restaurant: Diary Café/Restaurant Tel: 972-4-6790051

Diary Café/Restaurant Apropo Restaurant: Diary Café/Restaurant Tel: 972-4-6722681

Fish and meat restaurant Avis Restaurant: Fish and meat restaurant Tel: 972-4-6791797

Diary Italian Style Italian Restaurant: Diary Italian Style Tel: 972-4-6723150

Little Tiberias Restaurant Little Tiberias Restaurant Tel: 972-4-6792806 / 972-4-6792148

Argentinean Steakspart of a restaurant chain El Rancho Restaurant: Argentinean Steakspart of a restaurant chain Tel: 972-4-6724171

pic Kosher Chinese Restaurant Pagoda Restaurant: Kosher Chinese Restaurant. Open Sunday-Thursday and Saturday evening Tel: 972-4-6725513 Website: Opening hours: 12:00 – 23:00 Sunday – Thursday Business deals available up to 17:00 each day. On Friday & Saturday, Pagoda is … more

Chinese style The House (“Habayit”) Restaurant: Chinese style Open on Fridays and Saturdays Tel: 972-4-6725513 Website:

Well known for its fish Glei Gil Restaurant: Well known for its fish Tel: 972-4-6720699

Cultural Hall The Yad Shitrit Cultural Hall in Tiberias. Has movies, plays from selected areas in Israel, theater for children, performances, and a public library. Location: Bialik Street, Tiberias Tel: 972-4-6739578 Cell: 972-056-885845 Tel for the library: 972-4-6739578

Amos Yaskil, Local Artist The gallery is located in the newly renovated Dona Gracia Street. The gallery shows the painting of Amos Yaskil who is a local artist. His magnificent paintings show the landscape of the area. Location: Dona Gracia … more

Lido Sailing The Lido fleet includes 10 modern and new boats that cruise the Kinneret during sunset hours, sunrise hours, for cocktail parties, gourmet meals, birthday parties, weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Every night one of the flag boats of … more

Jordan Sailing/Cruising The Jordan Sailing Boats are authentic wooden boats with an opportunity to include special packages for events, parties, and fund days? on the Kinneret during the day or at night with meals. Location: the Marina of Tiberias by … more

pic Holyland Sailing In 1986 remnants of an ancient boat from the first century were found in the Kinneret. According to found model, Holyland Sailing Ltd. built its first boats in Egypt and brought them to the Kinneret. Holyland Sailing … more

Ron’s Beach Ron’s Beach is attached to the Ron Beach Hotel. Location: the northern entrance to Tiberias. Tel: 972-4-6791350

HaTchelet Beach ‘HaTchelet’ Beach (literal translation: “The Light-Blue Beach”). It is a most beautiful and well-taken care off beach. Location: the northern entrance to the city of Tiberias Tel: 972-4-6720105

HaShaket Beach ‘HaShaket’ Beach (literal translation: “The Quiet Beach”) is attached to the Mercure Hotel. It has large loans and a bar/restaurant. Location: the northern entrance to the city of Tiberias. Tel: 972-4-6700800

Beriniki Beach The Beriniki Beach offers facilities for camping (area for tents, etc). Location: the southern entrance to the city of Tiberias.

Ganim Beach (Municipal Beach) Ganim is a beach with large loans offering a childrens pool, shady sitting areas, and camping. Location: the southern entrance to the city of Tiberias.

Holiday Inn Beach The Holiday Inn Beach is located close to the Holiday Inn Hotel and offers loans, water sports, playgrounds for children and a pub/restaurant. Location: the southern entrance to Tiberias. Tel: 04-672-8536

Gai Beach The Water Park of Gai Beach (attached to the Gai Beach Hotel) offers: Challenging water slides, family water slides and slides for children and infants. The Water Park also offers a wave pool, a regular pool, large loan … more

Abu Kayak: Jordan Park Kayak sailing on the Jordan River Tel: 972-4-6921078

Rov Roi: Canoe Sailing Rov Roi: Canoe sailing in the southern part of the Jordan River. Tel: 972-52-2413176

Bicycle Rentals Aviv Hotel: 972-4-6712272 Panorama Hotel: 972-4-6720963 Maman Hostel: 972-4-6792986

Gan Hair Shooting Range Tel: 972-4-6725680

Tiberias Tennis Center Tel: 972-4-6731564

Water Sport Center Tel: 051-385928

Water Activities Tel: 052-2692664

pic SWISS FOREST Above the city of Tiberias, on the slopes of the mounains overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Swiss Forest hs been established. The first plantings took place in 1928 by the Forestry Branch of the Mandate government … more